Artemis Partners / Mountainside

Currently I create print material and web graphics for Mountainside Drug Rehab Center.

Urban Greenwalk

 I was Urban Greenwalk’s Media Coordinator. I created sponsorship deck presentation material, email newsletters, web content, and promotional items

Dellarocca Booking

Dellarocca Booking is something that Nicole and I started to bring rock shows to Albany. Along with helping with shows I made posters, Newspaper ads, and flyers. We have moved away from Albany but we still do the occasional show.

Freelance Work

I have taken on a number freelance projects. Clients have included SMMc Consulting, Pianos NYC, The EAB Project, Victor Velyan Jewelry, Albany Tax Service, and the Albany Mentorship Program.

Capital Education Network

I worked as a marketing assistant and developed direct mail and email marketing campaigns.

WCDB 90.9 FM

I hosted a weekly music radio show where I played electronic music for over five years. Some playlist are up on the WCDB website.

I was programing director for the 2010-2011 year.

 I was also the board operator and producer for The Social Workers, a talk show that was hosted by Kathryn Zox and the University of Albany’s School of Social Welfare. It was nominated for the 2012 National Association of Social Workers Media award. You can still listen to some of the episodes that I produced. The show still runs and is on every Thursday at 9am.